Today, Accuoss is celebrating our 10-year anniversary!  Our business vision was to create a firm to deliver the top Operational Support Systems and Assurance Solutions to our industry.    The initial goals were simple; to keep our doors open, organically grow our company by making the right financial decisions and grow our highly capable team to ensure we are not just a viable competitor but a “first in class” solution provider to our clients.

Our business thrived immediately, by our fifth-year mark, we were already a formidable player.  We were well known and respected amongst our peers, customers, and vendors. The team had grown 3 times the size. We were able to gain market share by winning business from our larger competitors.  This helped Accuoss gain a stronger footing in the assurance space and use our momentum to propel us.

Our company is now a leader in the Assurance industry by providing first in class solutions  which help our customers to support timely responsive corrections of issues and problems across a wide variety of industries, including stadium and mall connectivity, nationwide cellular networks, public safety, multi-state utility companies, global satcom operations, school systems and distribution companies. We have created solutions supporting global networks which span across most of the globe.  We have helped millions of people by assuring that their internet and services are not only functioning and available, but also are performing at a level of required capability.

Today, we have successfully reached our next goal. A decade in business! We are still growing, and still innovating. We have witnessed the loss of competitors, changes in the economy, industry downturns, and technology shifts. Our success is due to our customers, vendors, employees, friends and family.  We would like to thank you for your loyalty, dedication, trust and time!  Without all of your support, this dream would never have become a reality.

So… What’s next for Accuoss?   In the coming months, we will be making some announcements, and entering new and exciting markets. We will continue to innovate, by adding in more machine learning and automation capabilities to our portfolio.  We will be continuing to hire rock stars into our family. We will be offering new and exciting solutions. But most importantly, we will continue to uphold the relationships we have fostered, reciprocate to our communities, and forge ahead with passion and resilience.

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