Operations Management Engineer

Seize the opportunity to join a forward-thinking team as an Associate, where you'll be instrumental in designing and implementing advanced network, systems, and application solutions. This role is ideal for those with a knack for troubleshooting, exceptional communication skills, and a solid foundation in network and systems management. You'll not only contribute to developing cutting-edge solutions but also ensure our clients fully understand and maximize the benefits of our services. With a focus on Linux/*NIX administration and a commitment to customer satisfaction, this position offers the chance to grow your expertise in a dynamic, supportive environment. Dive into a role that values technical skill, problem-solving, and the ability to drive projects to success.

Collaborate with colleagues on planning, designing, deploying, and maintaining sophisticated solutions for network, systems, applications, and operations management.
Enhance the value delivered to clients by sharing expert knowledge about both the solutions provided and the underlying technologies.
Create straightforward, detailed documentation to ensure clients have a thorough understanding of the solutions implemented.
Engage in meaningful dialogue with clients to accurately capture their needs, leading to the development of more effective and efficient solutions.

Outstanding troubleshooting capabilities, covering both technical aspects and analytical problem-solving.
Superior communication skills, both in speaking and writing.
A solid grasp of the essential principles of network and systems management.
A deep understanding of the business and operational requisites for automation and operations centers.
Proficient in Linux/*NIX administration.
Strong skills in troubleshooting operating systems (Windows and *NIX).
Proven ability in diagnosing issues with network equipment.
Good knowledge of database operations, functionalities, and structures.
2-3 years of experience in technical support or consulting, demonstrating a track record of technical expertise and problem-solving.