Professional Services

AccuOSS provides professional services to assess, architect, implement, manage and support your Service Assurance and IT Service Management solutions.

With experts in the Operational Support Systems and Service Assurance disciplines we have the resources to enhance your existing solutions or implement your next generation service management solution.

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  • James Anderson III
    "Since deploying the Assure1 solution, we have remediated the dependency and cost of operating with legacy tools and plan to reduce OPEX in the months and years to come. In addition to the direct savings, Assure1’s unified platform for fault, performance and topology is easy to use and provides our engineering team with the speed and agility to deliver a high-degree of service quality to our NOC and end-customers."
    — James Anderson III, HTC

AccuOSS has acquired decades of design, installation and integration experience in the delivery world-class service assurance systems. Whether you are a global mobile carrier, an MSP or a SMB enterprise, contact us regarding your next Oracle Unified Assurance or IBM Netcool Operations Insight implementation and experience the AccuOSS difference.

AccuOSS offers many professional services solutions from staff augmentation around administration to end-to-end, white-glove implementation.


Since 2005, AccuOSS has serviced several different organizations from global satellite system providers to lean startups. What we have found is that design rigor varies from client to client.

For some of our customers, detailed functional and technical designs are an absolute requirement. Afterall, they might be building an NMS for a satellite, that once launched, has very little leeway for design changes. While on the other hand, we have customers who want to see value very quickly so we take a more agile SDLC approach. For these customers, functional requirement gathering, documentation of integration artifacts and infrastructure design & sizing allows us to deliver value much sooner in the development lifecycle.

Whichever customer you are, AccuOSS will work with you to develop the best design approach for your implementation. For more information on AccuOSS development lifecycle and approach, please contact us!

Rapid Installation

Leveraging a combination of deep product experience and automation, AccuOSS can expedite the installation of your IBM Netcool or Federos solution. Don’t waste time in the installation phase. Start realizing value quickly by bringing in the experts so you can start using the tools you invested in sooner.

Configuration & Integration

Whether you’re preparing a fresh discovery of your network, implementing a new Mib or integrating assurance and fulfillment system, you can feel confident that AccuOSS professional services can speed your time to value.

AccuOSS has helped clients with an array of functions to help them extend the value of their NMS platforms and shorten the development lifecycle.


AccuOSS follows a rigorous testing and QA procedure leveraging industry best practices to test and remediate deliverables.

  1. Generate Test Plan
  2. Test Plan Specifications
  3. Test Case Specifications
  4. Test Procedure Specifications
  5. Test Execution
  6. Review Testing Logs
  7. Review Testing Reports
  8. Testing Report Published

Handoff & Support

AccuOSS will work with you to design and implement the best system-handoff and steady-state support offering. AccuOSS offers an array of handoff and support services:

  • Production Cutover Procedure Design
  • Production Cutover Support
  • Custom on-site and virtual admin/user training
  • 8x5 and 24x7 post, go-live system support
  • System Administration Managed Services

Managed & Hosted Services

For some customers, investing in the time bandwidth, the skillsets and/or the physical infrastructure to administer a comprehensive service assurance solution in-house is not economically feasible or a strategic imperative to the business.

If you’re short of hands or lack the skill-sets required to run a world-class assurance practice, AccuOSS has you covered. AccuOSS offers an array of services from part-time staff augmentation, to managed services of on-prem applications all the way to fully-hosted applications on AccuOSS managed equipment.

Whichever customer you are, we can find a solution and price-point that will fit your services assurance needs.