Dear AccuOSS Customers, Partners, & Friends:

The past 12 months have brought considerable growth and change for AccuOSS. It was a year full of firsts. Among those firsts, is the start of our bi-annual announcement to our customers, partners and friends. You are the lifeblood of AccuOSS, and for that, we want to make sure we’re keeping you informed of all the great things happening here at the Green Machine!

AccuOSS Surveil

Since 2015, we here at AccuOSS have been grappling with the same problem statement, “in a world of increasing complexity and more demand for network bandwidth, why should the small and medium-sized business (SMB) marketplace be locked out of enterprise-grade network management systems (NMS)?” We noodled on the problem statement – SMBs have complicated infrastructure (network, servers, storage, IoT) deployed on-premises and in the cloud and IT outages can be just as crippling to SMBs as large enterprises – so why should SMBs settle for running their IT blind or on open source software that require lots of customization and often doesn’t provide the functionality needed?

In our observation, the resounding hurdle we see SMBs struggle to jump when trying to get value out of an NMS is the complexity of administrating enterprise-grade NMS platforms and the cost of entry. Administration of NMS platforms require deep technical expertise in the areas of coding, integration and network management which are often skillsets that take many years to hone. These administrators are expensive and hard to find. In addition, enterprise-grade NMS applications are just plain expensive to acquire and deploy, often costing tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands.

AccuOSS set out to challenge the status quo for SMBs. In late 2018, AccuOSS launched Surveil with our first live customer, Insite Wireless, providing the industry with the first enterprise-grade, fully-hosted and multi-tenant NMS! Surveil tackles the two major stumbling blocks most SMBs struggle with when adopting an NMS:

  • Network Management as a Service (NMaaS) – Surveil is fully-hosted and fully-managed by AccuOSS from the point of collection through the head-end of the system up to the HTML front-end. AccuOSS handles all the operations, administration and maintenance (OA&M) of the system and the user gets a Fortune 500 Network Operations Center (NOC) worthy NMS.
  • Cost of Entry – Surveil’s cost of entry rivals any other “hosted” managed NMS service offering in the industry while providing a far superior set of capabilities. At the average price of only $1,000 per month, SMBs can finally be proactive about the IT infrastructure they’ve come to rely on.

As we navigate into the second half of 2019, we’re executing on an aggressive development roadmap that will include a faster and simpler end user experience and the industry’s first NMaaS with built-in problem notification. We’ll also be rolling out new branding so stay tuned!


AccuOSS has a New Look

AccuOSS has rolled out a new look and feel across the brand! You may have already noticed some of the new branding if you have visited our social media sites the past several months. Given the AccuOSS transition to providing best-in-class cognitive analytics capabilities for operations teams, best-of-breed NMS capabilities, and the custom integration skills that we’ve always been known for, we felt like it was time for a facelift.

On our website, you’ll notice where we’re making our biggest investments:

  • AccuOSS Surveil
  • Cognitive Analytics
  • Best-of-Breed Service Assurance
  • Integration

We’ll drop a separate note here soon to everyone about our new website real estate. But if you’re anxious to see what we’ve been up to, you can check it out at

Federos Partnership

In December of 2017, AccuOSS announced the addition of Federos to our best-of-breed service assurance capabilities as a certified reseller, integrator and support provider. With the shift in the market away from buying and supporting monolithic NMS platforms, AccuOSS saw the necessity to grow our partnerships with a natively integrated NMS platform that was on the front edge of software defined networking and machine learning.

Since that announcement, AccuOSS has doubled down on our investment in Federos consulting and support skills. AccuOSS now has six certified Federos Assure1 consultants making AccuOSS one of the largest certified Federos integrators in North America.

In May of 2019, AccuOSS deployed our first Federos Assure1 system at Horry Telephone Cooperative (HTC) in Conway, SC. In under four months, AccuOSS completely replaced HTC’s disparate, legacy NMS platforms and provided a simpler to use platform that automated many previously manual tasks in the NOC while leveraging machine learning to identify and resolve problems quicker.

IBM Certifications

Since our founding in 2007, AccuOSS has been dedicated to helping operations teams of all kinds realize more value out of the IBM NMS tools. Through the years, we’ve seen industry fads come and go, but IBM’s bread-and-butter Netcool fault management system remains a top choice for any large volume operations shop that needs scalability, extensibility, and reliability.

AccuOSS has deepened our investment in the Netcool portfolio by adding three new technical certifications for architecture, deployment and support to the growing AccuOSS service assurance consulting team.

AccuOSS Talent

Over the past 12 months, AccuOSS has made a concerted effort to invest in talent to strengthen our position as a leader in IBM and Federos NMS deployment as well as fortify our senior software development skills for our Surveil NMaaS.

We’re pleased to welcome the following AccuOSSers:

  • Michael Brown – Michael joins AccuOSS as Vice President of Solutions Architecture & Development. Michael has a long career of communications service provider experience, software development and innovation. Most recently, Michael was a communications industry cloud architect with IBM. Michael will be focused on strategic development of technologies to support Surveil and other AccuOSS intellectual property.
  • Lukas Johnson – Lukas Johnson joined AccuOSS to round out the AccuOSS 24×7 customer support team where he provides Tier I & II support on customer production IBM and Federos systems as well as Surveil. Lukas joins us from Xerox Business Services where he administered systems for Xerox customers.
  • Eric Radosevich – Eric Radosevich joined AccuOSS to deepen the AccuOSS service assurance consulting and deployment bench. Eric has a long legacy of service provider experience and was most recently a senior consultant at Gen-E.
  • Cathleen Steininger – Cathleen joined the AccuOSS backoffice team to modernize HR and employee benefits. Cathleen has a long career in employee benefits and holds her Professional in Human Resources certification.

We’ve certainly been busy the past 12 months, but we still have a lot to come. We’re excited to execute on our Surveil roadmap and redouble our partnerships with Federos and IBM.

I want to thank all our customers, partners and friends that have helped AccuOSS along the way. As you take off for summer holidays, stay safe and travel safely.


Warm Regards,


Jay L. Ward

Senior Client Partner & Director of Sales & Marketing

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